Istanbul Funeral Services provide 7 days 24 hours  service to you  with its team of professionals, fully equipped and air-conditioned  hearses on the issue of domestic and foreign funeral transportation and burial. We have been engaged in providing domestic and inter-city funeral transportation and burial services since 1990. We are making domestic and overseas funeral transportation with our fully equipped and air-conditioned hearses and experienced personnel in accordance with the world standards and religious traditions. Our caskets are in accordance with the regulations of World Health Organization and I.A.T.A, all necessary papers are prepared according to the customs regulations.



The works of disinfection and embalming of the funerals are made, the consulate and customs Works are completed by preparing necessary documents and   the   transfer of the funeral to the country of destination is provided by using caskets, internally covered with zinc, that complies with international flight regulations.

Domestic Funeral Transport Services

In difficult times, both the funeral transfer process and the description of the characteristics of the process, the necessary documentation and organizational settings should be defined as to what is needed to serve you.

International Funeral Reception

All funerals, coming from all over the world and their documents are collected from airport and their transportation and burials are made in accordance with the wishes of the funeral owners.


The funerals, which will be sent to all over the world, are prepared in line with the wishes of the funeral owner; all official transactions are completed and the transfer of the funeral is realized.